Ball in Art Russia 18 – Qatar 22

Building bridges. The bridge not only connects countries, cities and different cultural currents, but gives the opportunity to people around the world to get closer and communicate through the most understandable and intelligible mean of communication – the language of art.
Elena Kraft-Pavlova, Walter D. Kraft

The Kraft-Pavlova Foundation was established by Elena Pavlova-Kraft and Walter Kraft in 2009. The Swiss-Russian founders main goal is building bridges by supporting contemporary art in all its forms in Western and Eastern Europe (Russia). One of the priorities of the Foundation consists in organizing socially significant cultural projects in Russia and in the other European countries. The Foundation cooperates with Russian and European artists and figures in the field of modern art and culture, as well as with governmental and public organizations, participating in various programs of the Government of the Russian Federation and of other European countries.